Dolls and bears for adoption

All my dolls, bears & friends are true ooak (one of a kind), were handcrafted with love, for adult collectors only. I use high-quality materials and original custom patterns. Toys 100% correspond to the images on the photo, coming from a smoke-free home in safe packing. International shipping anytime, anywhere!

Mini teddy bear Emilio
Artist teddy doll Chloe
Artist teddy doll Mia
Antique sawdust xmass music bear Arne


In a new family already. Maria Trotsenko cuties all over the world.


Antique teddy bear Sofia
Mini teddy kangaroo Grace
Antique teddy bear Darcy
Mini teddy bear Leo
Mini teddy mammoth Molly
Mini teddy unicorn Tweedledum
Mini teddy unicorn Tweedledee
Antique teddy bear Justin


Mini teddy mammoth Ashley
Boudoir artist doll Matilda
Realistic teddy bear Arthur
Mini teddy bear Felipe
Mini teddy mammoth Mia
Antique teddy bear Kevin
Antique teddy bear Harry
Antique teddy bear Crispin
Antique teddy bear Matthew
Antique mini teddy bear Hamish
Antique teddy bear Louie
Artist teddy brownie Lulach
Antique teddy bear Duncan
French bulldog teddy puppy Jeffrey
Antique teddy bear Maggie
Mini teddy elephant Angel
Boudoir artist doll Beatrix
Antique teddy bear Tommy
Realistic samoyed Lily
Boudoir artist doll Ashley
Boudoir artist doll Abby
Boudoir artist doll Keelin
Boudoir artist doll Agatha
Boudoir artist doll Fiore
Antique sawdust mini teddy bear Martin
Mini teddy bear Alfred
Antique sawdust mini teddy bear Eliot
Mini teddy moose Samuel
Mini teddy mammoth Alan
Mini teddy ram Angus
Mini teddy cow Shelly
Realistic teddy bear Robert
Antique sawdust mini teddy bear Henry
Mini teddy deer Nathan
Boudoir artist doll Alice
Antique teddy bear Holden
Mini teddy mammoth Oliver
Mini teddy bear Puff
Realistic teddy panda Min-U
Antique teddy bear Martha
Realistic bjelkier Lew
Mini teddy hedgehog Norbert
Mini teddy donkey Aleta
Mini teddy llama Courtnie
Mini teddy pony Ella
Mini teddy pony Ellie
Mini teddy mammoth Cherry
Boudoir artist doll Kiara
Mini teddy camel Jonatan
Mini teddy giraffe Jennie
Artist French bulldog Anabel
Mini teddy bear Noah
Mini teddy bear Michelle
Mini teddy bear Martin
Antique sawdust teddy bear Nathaniel
Realistic teddy bear Dorothy
Mini teddy bear Zoë
Artist mini teddy bear Fiona
Artist teddy doll Nari


Mini teddy bear Carrie
Artist teddy zebra Lulu
Realistic teddy bear Bernfried
Mini teddy panda Tao
Realistic Japanese Spitz Yume
Artist mini teddy hare Rosalie
Artist teddy spaniel Hope
Mini teddy bear Árni
OOAK teddy owlet Walter
Mini teddy bear Barnabé
Artist teddy doll Annika with little bear
Artist mini teddy bear Lucas
Teddy chihuahua Caramel
Antique sawdust teddy bear Hudson
Mini teddy bear Willy
Realistic owlet Otto
Artist teddy zebra Aluna
Antique sawdust teddy bear Hubert
Realistic teddy bear cub Morgan
Realistic baribal teddy bear Joy
Artist teddy puppy Taffie
Mini teddy bear Viola
Realistic teddy bear Sheamus
Realistic Angora teddy kitten Misa
Artist teddy bear Ellie
Teddy bear Mona
Mini teddy panda Minty
Teddy bactrian camel Abraham
Realistic fennec fox cub Dakari
French bulldog teddy puppy Rémi
Pug teddy puppy Francis
Teddy giraffe okapi Mbuti
Realistic teddy panda Bao
Artist French bulldog Muffin
Artist teddy doll Jennie
Antique sawdust teddy bear Bonnie
Teddy fox Liam
Mini teddy bear Perrin
Teddy dolls Gloria and Ernest little mice
Artist western teddy bear Billy
Artist teddy kitten Thaddeus
Artist teddy doll Letty
Teddy doll Pauline & mini teddy rabbit brooch
OOAK mini teddy bear Satu
Artist teddy chihuahua Boo
Artist teddy pegasus Lowri
Artist teddy pegasus Llew
Artist teddy husky Lyn
Artist French bulldog Renie
Artist bull terrier Roslyn
Artist Great Dane Ebbo
Artist mini teddy bear Melvyn
Artist German shepherd Gretchen
Teddy giraffe okapi Apiyo
Artist Irish wolfhound Tillie
Teddy giraffe okapi Kato
Artist French bulldog Fergus
OOAK mini teddy panda Hugh
Artist French bulldog Patrick
Teddy husky Cecily
Teddy zebra Ammeth
Teddy giraffe Rufus
Artist French bulldog teddy puppy Benjamin
OOAK teddy elephant Rosy
OOAK mini teddy bear Momo
OOAK mini teddy bear Bobby
Artist Great Dane teddy puppy Wilfre
Artist French bulldog teddy puppy Ethel
Artist French bulldog teddy puppy Édith
OOAK mini teddy bear Funny
Teddy doll Olivia
OOAK teddy hare Fleur
French bulldog teddy puppy Daisy
Teddy monkey Steffie
OOAK mini teddy bear Felix


French Bulldog teddy puppy Mael
Teddy doll Vernon
OOAK mini teddy bear Till
Teddy husky Raynold
French Bulldog teddy puppy Louie
OOAK teddy husky Irene
OOAK teddy fennec fox Laraine
Teddy doll Dolly
Teddy puppy Owen
OOAK teddy husky Nanuq
Teddy doll Molly
OOAK Teddy Bear
OOAK Teddy Bear Jacek
Teddy doll Lilian
Teddy doll Sleepy
OOAK Teddy Bear
OOAK Teddy Bear Cute Panda